The Woman Who Moved to Finland

“The Woman Who Moved to Finland” is a radio show about immigrant women in Finland who have found their place in the Finnish society.


Icebreaker Productions produced a 13-episode-long radio series The Woman Who Moved to Finland for summer 2019. The series was aired at Yle Radio 1 channel and it was also be available through on-demand streaming service Yle Areena.

Each 50-minute-long episode covers the story of one protagonist. A woman who has moved to Finland from Syria, Afghanistan, Russia, Estonia, Iceland, the Philippines, Somalia, Canada etc. They have come to Finland for various reasons: love, studies, work, to escape war or to be united with the family. Or simply for a better life. Their experiences and expectations from their new home country are also very different.

The series opens a door to the experiences of women from different cultures in their own surroundings in Finland. What has been difficult in acculturing and what has been helpful? And how does it feel to live in Finland as a woman?

Editor & Host: Kaisu Nevasalmi

Producer: Kirsi Mattila

Feedback from listeners

It is nice, when the interviewee gets a lot of space and the pace of the interview is not too fast. 

The Series has been interesting and surprising. It helps one understand how difficult it is for people from different cultures to understand each others.

Photo source: Yle