DigiTales Goes Global – Argentina

The digital storytelling method was used by Icebreakers in children’s workshops in Buenos Aires, Argentina in March 2011.


Marita and Aija arranged four digital storytelling workshops in Villa Carcova. In the workshops the children told stories about their dreams, took hundreds of photographs, painted pictures, made interviews and shot videos with great enthusiasm. The visit brought welcome change to the children’s life and planted some seeds of interest in the world outside the slum.

Two million people out of 13 million inhabitants of Great Buenos Aires live in slums. Villa Carcova was built next to a big dump site. Many of the ten thousand people living in Villa Carcova earn their living from sorting out and collecting garbage. Unemployment, poverty, bad housing conditions, drugs, violence, robberies and teenage pregnancies are just a few of the everyday problems of the the slums dwellers.

Nancy and Celia, two sisters from Carcova arrange afternoon clubs for children in their own front yard, where children play football and get small snacks to eat. They also get extra help with their homework from the volunteer workers of MundoMejor organisation. About two hundred children participate in the activities weekly.

“My Dream” trailer.

Ceative producer: Marita Rainbird