Bus Driver

“Bus Driver” is a 28-minute-long documentary directed by Mohamed El Aboudi and produced by Marita Rainbird.


“Bus Driver” tells about Said, a middle-aged man who looks back at his life and is not happy. Said immigrated to Finland from Morocco 18 years ago. Although he has a university degree in law, he ended up doing odd jobs and finally became a bus driver.

Now he is no longer satisfied with the traditional immigrant role and wants more out of life. He has big dreams, but is it too late to change his career? Said gets no support for his plans. His marriage is in crisis and his friends think it’s simply crazy to study at his age. His children laugh when they hear that Daddy will go to school.

“Bus Driver” is a story of a man who, just once in his life, wants to do exactly what he wants, not what he is supposed to do or what others think would be sensible to do.

“Bus Driver” was broadcast on YLE TV1 Tosi tarina series on 8 March 2011.