The oven is hot; bread is being made. A man says he has worked in the bakery for 15 years. He is 25 or 26 years old; he does not know for sure. Times are hard, but for a year he has had his own bakery where he employs trainees. Baking bread is a difficult skill. The hardest thing is to make the dough from which the bread is made.


Bakery is a short documentary that illustrates the traditional Afghan method of making bread. It is a story about ordinary people who work to make ends meet, who love and strive to build a better world even in the middle of war.

Scriptwriter, director, cinematographer and editor: Hashim Didari
Producer: Kirsi Mattila

Educational use: Lyfta Oy
Distribution: Icebreaker Productions / Kirsi Mattila

Hashim Didari is an Afghan director, writer, cinematographer, editor and also occasionally a producer. He earned a Bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Kabul University in 2009. Hashim Didari chose film as his medium because he wants to tell stories that have the power to change people’s minds and hearts and promote human rights and peace.


Smita Patil Documentary and Short Film Festival, India 2017
Goa Short Film Festival, India 2017
Feel The Reel International Film Festival, Great Britain 2017
WENIFF – West Nordic International Film Festival, Norway 2017
Canada Shorts – Canadian & International Short Film Fest, Canada 2017
Madrid Asia International Film Festival, Spain 2018
Pune Short Film Festival, India 2018
Toronto Short Film Festival, Canada 2018
Dingle International Film Festival, Ireland 2018
Ethnografilm Paris, France 2018
Oaxaca FilmFest, Mexico 2018
Bucharest ShortCut CineFest, Romania 2020
Refugee Film Festival, Finland 2021