Amka Kenya – Children for Peace

AMKA KENYA (Wake up Kenya) initiative was created between Icebreakers and Koinonia Community for peace building and development of cultural activities of former street children of Kibera slums in Nairobi before the presidential general elections of 2013.


During the 2007 post-election violence many families were left homeless and many children headed to the streets – a situation evident to this day. In AMKA KENYA project the former and present street children were actively participating in governance and peace building. They could voice their concerns regarding the political tension in Kenya before the elections in 2013. After all, they knew the pains that were a result of a nation torn by violence; they had lived it.

AMKA KENYA consisted of production, marketing and distribution of a music album through events and media. The songs dealing with peace and human rights were performed by former street boys of Ndugu Mdogo (Little Brother) Rescue Center in Kibera slums aged between 5 and 15.

The highlights of the project were the launch of AMKA KENYA music album and AMKA KENYA Concert and Peace March of street children in Kibera slums on 26 January 2013. Talents from the streets were performing to their brothers and sisters from the streets. Ndugu Mdogo Choir was also performing in Chagua Peace Concert at Uhuru Park Nairobi on 28 February 2013. The concert was arranged by Kenya Red Cross and top local artists and led by the renowned artist Eric Wainaina. It was broadcast live nationwide on Citizen TV and NTV and several radio channels.

AMKA KENYA project addressed issues relating to the “voice and visibility” of street children in the Kenyan society through media and live performances, giving the general public positive messages and information on the immense potential every child living among us possesses.

The project was initiated by Icebreaker Productions and took place from 20 October 2012 to 20 April 2013. Amka Kenya was produced by Marita Rainbird.

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Video of Amka Kenya Peace Event in Kibera DC Ground on 26 January 2013 here.

Cheki cheki music video

Amka Kenya music video