The Story of a Lady Immigrant

How did a lady with an immigrant background find her place in the Finnish society? What was difficult for her and what were the things that helped her? What is it like to be a woman in Finland today?


The radio series opens us a door to the experiences of women from different cultures in their own surroundings in Finland. The focus is on women, whose voices are less often heard, especially in patriarchal cultures.

Icebreaker Productions is producing a 13-episode radio documentary series “The Story of a Lady Immigrant” (working title) for Yle Radio1 for summer 2019. Each 50-minute episode covers the story of one woman coming from Syria, Afghanistan, Russia, Estonia, Iceland, the Philippines, Somalia, Canada etc. They have come to Finland through studies, work or marriage, to escape war or to be united with their family. Or simply to get a better life. Their expectations regarding their new home country are also very different.

Editor: Kaisu Nevasalmi

Producer: Kirsi Mattila