A Step into the Void

Basko leads Elice to the roof of a 9-storey building in Paris and proposes to her under the starry sky. A moment later Elice steps into a void. Basko reaches out to save her. A dark shaft, 28 metres deep, pulls them both into its depths. The stop at the bottom crushes them. Elice and Basko must start from zero.


The film takes us to a wedding in Mexico, to circuses across the world, to a rehabilitation centre and finally to a home in Brittany, France. The direct footage is accompanied by animations.

The film investigates the physical limits of the human body and the power of love to transcend boundaries. The overarching theme is the circus where joy alternates with terror, success with failure.

Director: Nina Malmberg
Cinematographer: Nelly Sabbagh, Hannu Käki, Marita Hällfors, Jouni Soikkeli
Producer: Kirsi Mattila